Danny Grimley Foundation


Click on our "Events" page for more information on our second annual Danny Grimley Golf Outing! Click the link below to register. 

Check out our "Partnerships" page to hear how Danny's legacy has impacted two students through the Big Shoulders Fund. 

The Danny Grimley foundation was started to keep the memory and spirit of Danny alive everyday.  Danny was a beloved son, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend.  Even though he is no longer with us, his spirit and memory continues to live on in the many people that he and his electric personality impacted.  Danny was a loyal person and always wanted to be a part of the group.  It was in his DNA to hang out with friends and family.  The times that Danny was surrounded by family and friends were the best times for him and them.  He took the role as being an uncle so seriously and he was there supporting his niece and nephew's in all of their endeavors.  Danny was always a phone call, text, or visit away.  His heart was big and kind, always wanting to help out wherever he could.  Danny was always willing to give support to anyone in need. He had a gift for making those he met feel special and important because he truly believed they were just that. 

One of the reasons this foundation was started was so that Danny's family, niece and nephew's, and friends can continue to celebrate his spirit for years to come.  We feel that helping people, whether it be family or acquaintances, through things like friendship, love and kindness, is the best way to honor Danny's life and memory. The Danny Grimley Foundation is dedicated to assisting underprivileged families by allowing them to be together and get the help and support they need.  That was and is Danny; always there to help when it was needed.  Even though Danny is no longer with us, we find no better way to have his spirit live on than by helping those in need. That is what he would have wanted.

Danny Grimley Foundation Golf Outing

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